What camping teaches kids

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Written by Kara Anderson

Sometimes I get kind of crazy ideas, and then later freak out about those ideas.

In the first episode of this season, I shared how we were doing a camping/survival/outdoors unit study – it seemed like such a good idea because my kids were so into it.

But then one night I woke up around 4 a.m. thinking to myself that camping is not school, and maybe I needed to scrap the whole thing and buy some math textbooks and finally learn the Timeline Song.

Luckily, what I’ve learned about kid-related -4 a.m.-panic-wake-ups is that the next day, my kids usually do something great that reminds me that we’re OK; and that probably my kids will not end up as Baby Drivers.

That happened – and so I decided to double-down and we booked a cabin for our first-ever Anderson Family Camping Expedition.

We didn’t get crazy – there was a gas station 2 minutes away from the campground, and our cabin had an air conditioner.

BUT, it was the perfect start for us and guess what – it showed me that kids (and adults, ahem … ) really can learn a lot from camping.

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Fire Bosses and Walking Tacos: The Sisters Talk Fall {S3E1}

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Fire Bosses and Walking Tacos: The Sisters Talk Fall {S3E1} The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Fire Bosses and Walking Tacos: The SIsters Talk Fall {S3E1}

The sisters are back for season 3, and today, they’re chatting how to teach your kids survival without setting your house (or chicken coop) on fire.

They’re also sharing their thoughts about homeschooling this fall, and lots of fun resources including Epic! which is offering a coupon code for readers.

The girls are thrilled to be back for a brand new season- they’ve missed all their virtual sisters out there!!

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