What We Don’t Do {Episode 45}

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What We *Don't* Do {Episode 45} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

 What we don’t do {Episode 45}

One of the questions the sisters get a lot is “How do you get it all done?” You know- parenting, homeschooling, work, fancy meals, decorating, house projects, and on and on…

So in this episode, Cait and Kara are pulling back the curtain and sharing all that they don’t do. There’s a lot! And they want to hear from you too. Leave us a comment below to share what you don’t do in this season of life!

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What We Don't Do {Episode 45} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast


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3 thoughts on “ What We Don’t Do {Episode 45}

  1. Deneen says:

    Loved this episode! Things I don’t do:
    1. If it takes longer to cook it, then it does to eat it… I’m not making it.
    2. I don’t care what clothes my kids are wearing. Being a boy mom, I’m just glad when they come out actually wearing shorts or pants.
    3. I don’t do all the back to school or not back to school pics or the memory pages.
    I feel like there’s a lot more that I don’t do… but I switched to Half-Caff and I’m not so sure that’s working out for me and the thoughts thing.

  2. Kali says:

    We don’t do sports! I feel bad about it all the time and keep saying…maybe I should sign them up for….nope. Just can’t. 😉

  3. Jean says:

    I don’t do busy. Our daughter does one to two activities and we’re good with that. I refuse to spend everyday of the week criss crossing our city for someone else to do something with my kid when we can have way more fun exploring the woods at the park together. And I don’t feel bad about it. It took a while but I realized I was not raised like the people around me and I won’t make everyone happy in the way I raise my daughter and there’s no point beating myself up about it.
    I don’t sensor what my daughter picks to read (she’s 5). I was floored to hear people have given you a hard time over Harry Potter. Our daughter was given the first HP book for her third birthday. We read it as a bedtime book. I had never read Harry Potter but I decided that since my parents didn’t sensor my books I wouldn’t sensor her choices. We finished reading the series together earlier this year. It was a wonderful experience to share reading them the first time with her. It is not my job to protect her from the world. It is my job to prepare her for the world. She doesn’t shy from content. She loves The War That Saved My Life and other books that deal with kids during historical events. But she also loves things like HP and Percy Jackson, Land of Stories exc. Sometimes we have serious conversations because of them (like after reading Black Beauty). But isn’t that the point? It feels more natural for things be discussed after being brought up this way. To each they’re own I guess.

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