Homeschool sisters; homeschool support (we’re on the Brave Writer Podcast!)

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Written by Kara Stephenson Anderson.

More than a year ago, when Cait and I had the crazy idea to start a podcast, the first person to reach out to us was Julie Bogart from Brave Writer.

In case you ever find yourself needing to put that in terms non-homeschoolers (i.e. my husband) would understand, I would say it’s about on par with announcing that you are going to make a small, independent film, and getting an email from Julia Roberts saying, “Way to go you two – let me know how I can help.”

There was some excitement.

Because Cait and I don’t see ourselves as big voices in the homeschool world. We see ourselves (honestly) as a pair of nerds who both fell into homeschooling, and somehow found each other. ThankGod.

Kitchen Dancing

Cait and I aren’t actual sisters – sometimes people think we are because of alliteration, and because we have a lot in common.

We didn’t do the same thing before we had kids – Cait was a school psychologist and I was a reporter.

We don’t live anywhere near each other and we’ve never even met in person.

Cait is a whole year younger than me, you guys.

And yet, Cait routinely sees my in my PJs, wearing no make-up, with my hair in a messy bun and my glasses on askew.

She sees and knows the real me – the me that even many family members don’t see.

And so, it was a pretty fun little long distance duet we performed that day we heard from Julie.

“Julie-Freakin’-Bogart!!!” we might have said.

On repeat.

While kitchen-dancing.

A supportive voice

Julie was reaching out to tell us she was excited about our podcast and that she wanted to help. And she has. She has spread the word in the Brave Writer community, and even allowed us to take over her Instagram feed.

And today, we’re on her podcast. That was a big thing for us – we got babysitters and put on lipstick to record our episode.

We tried to just be ourselves, but it was tricky, because we both look up to Julie and admire her so much.

It’s easy to see how she would be viewed as a homeschool hero – she has raised 5 kids who live happy lives on different continents, and she’s the owner of a very successful business.

But for Cait and I, it goes deeper than that. She has been a voice when we have doubted ourselves, and support when we’ve been at our lowest homeschool points.

What we need

On the podcast episode we recorded, Julie asked about my friendship with Cait, and I hope I was able to express well this sentiment:

I value our friendship so much, because I can complain to Cait. I can rant and rave, and talk about throwing in the towel. I can say ugly things. I can spew the negative.

But she NEVER says,

“Well then why don’t you just stop homeschooling?”

Maybe you’ve heard that latter part before. Maybe a well-meaning friend or family member has told you something like; “You’re taking on too much,” or “No one person can educate a child.”

They may have meant those things with so much love, but those types of comments (judgements) still leave you feeling shaken and broken.

It reminds me of when I was put on bed rest during my second pregnancy and my mom, meaning well, asked if she could pay to put my son in daycare.

I melted down completely. And I wasn’t sure why.

And then, one day it hit me. I was at risk of losing one baby, the last thing I wanted at that point was to be away from the other one. (Also, hormones.)

Yes, it would have been easier in some ways.

But it wasn’t what I needed.

We’re LIVE!

And so today, I hope you’ll turn in to our episode with Julie. We talked about so much the day we recorded, but what stands out in my mind most is how grateful I felt that day to have found these two women and so many others  to support me on this non-traditional path that I chose.

We don’t always find those people quickly or easily. They may not be who we expected.

But they are exactly who we need, and I am so grateful for them.

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3 thoughts on “Homeschool sisters; homeschool support (we’re on the Brave Writer Podcast!)

  1. Leah says:

    I listened to the podcast this morning, and just wanted to say you guys did AWESOME! : ) I loved it. You are both such an inspiration to me as I navigate through this first year of homeschool. It really touched my heart to hear you talk about your friendship and how much you value each other. Thank you for being so positive, encouraging and real about homeschooling.

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