Summer plans: How to take a structured break {Episode 23}

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Summer plans: How to take a structured break {S2E23} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Summer plans: How to take a structured break {S2E23}

In this episode, the girls are talking all things summer, and how to take a structured break.

Even if we homeschool year-round, we all need a little breather this summer! But how do we take a summer vacation that doesn’t turn into chaos and end with chasing a wet dog off the trampoline?

The sisters share their ideas, and what they’re doing this summer with their kids- outdoor projects, laid-back learning, and even a new idea for handling household chores.

And heads up sisters- this is the last episode of Season 2. Cait and Kara will be taking their own “structured break,” until early August- but don’t worry, they are working on lots of fun episodes for Season 3 and will be bringing you some updated episodes from the first two seasons this summer!

guess what, sisters?!

It’s our birthday!! The Homeschool Sisters Podcast is celebrating its very first birthday.

We would like to thank everyone for chatting with us each week, and for supporting us on this journey. We appreciate all of you!!

The Homeschool Sisters are Having a Birthday!



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Summer plans: How to take a structured break {S2E23} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

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  1. Kelly Sage says:

    Just recently found your podcast and am finding that listening to it is all I want to do. So many great resources and conversations. Thank you! Happy Birthday!! Excited there will be more once I finish binge listening to year one 🙂

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