Q and A: Our Top 5 Homeschool Essentials {Episode 47}

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 Q and A: Our Top 5 Homeschool Essentials {Episode 47} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

 Q and A: Our Top 5 Homeschool Essentials {Episode 47}

What do you REALLY need to homeschool? In this week’s episode, Cait and Kara break it down. They each share 5-ish absolute favorite things that have made a huge difference in their homeschools.

Let the sisters know your top 5! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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 Q and A: Our Top 5 Homeschool Essentials {Episode 47} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast


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3 thoughts on “ Q and A: Our Top 5 Homeschool Essentials {Episode 47}

  1. Alexandra says:

    Thank you SO much for answering my question. This podcast was exactly what I needed to help focus on the important parts of educating my little one.
    Thank you so much again! All of your support to fellow moms is so valued and appreciated! Sending big hugs and caffeinated vibes your way!

  2. Christina says:

    I love your podcast and this episode especially! It reaffirmed everything that I am doing with my 3 young kids (6, 4, 2) in our homeschool.

    My number one suggestion (aside from the things you already mentioned like a library card, audiobooks, and art supplies) would be something we call “The Inventor’s Box”. I have a giant see-thru plastic tote that I stash away recycling things like toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, small pieces of string, plastic containers and lids, etc. And then the kids use it to make creations from. Aside from the investment of the tote, this doesn’t cost a cent and it has provided HOURS of entertainment for my kids every week. The only downside is I can never recycle anything with my 6 or 4 year old around because they chastise me that “That can go in the Inventor’s Box!!!” Haha

  3. Lauren says:

    Id only add outsource something for an hour of free time a week at least. I didnt start this until this year, now I have three days a week with an hour or more to work out. It is heavenly!!

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