Homeschool Sisters on the Road: Friendship {Episode 55}

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Homeschool Sisters on the Road: Friendship + Awesome Adulting {Episode 55} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Homeschool Sisters on the Road: Friendship {episode 55}

It’s the sisters’ first-ever in person, on the road episode!

Cait + Kara are joined by pals Mary Wilson from Not Before 7 and Alicia Hutchinson from Learning Well Community and the new podcast Over at Alicia’s in FLORIDA!

The four of them talk friendships, meeting on the Internet, meeting again in person, and how blogging brought them together.

This episode is real, pretty much live, and all about making friends as a grown-up! Put on your jammies and join in the fun!

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Reposting from my personal page @overatalicias because hs moms are lonely too… • • Adult friends can be tricky. Do the moms get along but the kids don’t click? Vice versa? Is the desire to be open and honest with a friend there, but you’re afraid of what they’ll think of you? Did you decide to take a risk on a friendship and it didn’t pan out? Have you been searching for your tribe for what feels like forever? • • Are you lonely? • • I once heard @jennakutcher say, “we’re all desiring engagement, but we don’t want to engage.” • • There’s been many friends of all levels in my life. Friends from school where life has taken us separate ways, but we still catch up where we left off. Friends I thought were forever friends, but were not. Friends for a season. Friends that have drifted apart, but we still hold a love for each other. Unlikely friends. Internet friends. • • On finding friends, I’ve taken this approach: I cast my net of honesty out there right away–not airing all my dirty laundry exactly–but instead of all the small talk, I’ll throw out my truths, my real feelings–I cut to the chase. I have four kids and a husband, I’m responsible for my kids’ education, I run a business. I don’t have time to pretend…to behave in a way I’m really not. • • Are you my people, or no? • • If the net grabs somebody, they’re my people. If not, it’s really ok. We’re not designed for everyone to like.• • Today I’m heading south for the weekend to meet up with three friends–internet friends. @notbefore7 @my_little_poppies @karastephensonanderson Two of which I’ve never met face-to-face. Regardless of the details, they know my truths, they’ve seen my honesty–and they’re my people still. • • I know it’s hard. There’s been seasons of deep loneliness in my life too. My suggestion if this is your season: use this time to get cozy with yourself. Learn to love yourself more–to deeply love the person God made you. We’ve all got shortcomings, but we’re worthy of love anyway. Your people will come. Engage. xo, A

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Homeschool Sisters on the Road: Friendship + Awesome Adulting {Episode 55} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast


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