Hey there, sister!


Cait and Kara are two homeschooling moms doing this homeschooling thing out right beside you. On this podcast, we talk about real life homeschooling, books, caffeine addiction and surviving and thriving through these wonderful years.

We don’t have it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure is that homeschooling is a lot easier when you have a sister by your side.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s hang out … Do people still say that?


5 thoughts on “Hey there, sister!

  1. Karey says:

    I found your podcast by searching on iTunes for homeschool. I have listened to all 5 of them so far! What’s even more amazing is that my husband listened to the first one before I did. Seriously. I also think he found your conversation very satisfying and much like our experience as homeschoolers, like we’re not the only ones. Our heads know this, but it was nice to hear from your voices. So thank you!

    And I will give you a good review on iTunes as soon as I figure out where to do that. I have tried to search on my phone, but I’ll go to an actual computer!

  2. Connie Johnson says:

    I downloaded your FREE HOMESCHOOL BULLET JOURNALING PRINTABLE…looking forward to taking a look and dabbling!

  3. Cathy Hall says:

    I just discovered your site and look forward to checking it out. You seem to promote “being real and honest” as well as seeing the positive in the negative and this sounds like some things worth investing some time and energy.

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