My Big Picture Planning Page (and how I use my bullet journal for homeschool planning)

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My Big Picture Planning Page (and how I use my bullet journal for homeschool planning) | Kara S. Anderson, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Written by Kara S. Anderson

Recently Cait and I were chatting for an episode, and I mentioned my Big Picture Homeschool Planning Page.

(Doesn’t that sound super official?)

Cait said it was genius, and I wanted to tell her the truth – that like all things I do, it was pretty much an accident.

Because I am not a Pro Bullet Journaler. At all.

I love the idea. I love the method, and I love my bullet journal. I love the little pieces of Washi tape, my book darts, and I love the dotted pages – I must have a journal with dots.

And I love all my weird pages and that I finally have a place to put ALL THE THINGS. (Besides my brain.)

But the truth is, pro bullet journals seem to follow more of a plan, and I am just making it up as I go along, which is how I came up with my Big Picture Homeschool planning page.

Why even do that?

My Big Picture Homeschool planning page happened because I really like ideas. I am not as good at execution, but I love knowing I have something in my back pocket.

I also have the habit of jumping into things that look cool, filling my Amazon cart, and getting all excited about something only to have it fizzle pretty quickly like one of those sad July 4th snakes.

So my Big Picture Homeschool Planning Page does two things:

First, it gives me a place (besides my cluttered brain) to record thoughts and ideas and projects and such that I come across on a near-daily basis, because Internet.

Second, it gives me the opportunity to wait. I don’t have to make a snap decision, or spend money today. I don’t even have to add another library book to our holds list.

Instead, in the course of my day, when I hear about something cool and homeschool-y, I just write it down and let that business percolate.

When I want to use one of those ideas, books, etc., I move it to my Monthly Homeschool Planning Page.

My Big Picture Planning Page (and how I use my bullet journal for homeschool planning) | Kara S. Anderson, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Your big picture page is an organized list, right?

It was once. Long ago. Now it’s kind of a mess.

Soon, it will be time to migrate to another journal, though, and that’s when my favorite part happens! I get to start over. (I love starting over with a fresh journal).

So I’ll migrate the stuff that we haven’t done yet then and reorganize the list and try to make it pretty.

Here’s where I will also admit that the current page has lots of colors of ink, and I just have the top of the page marked with a torn piece of Washi tape. I do have these pages recorded in my index, though, which means I can find them in about a second.

And yup – I said PAGES. My one page has grown over the past month as I started thinking about the school year ahead. Ack!

So what about that school year ahead?

My approach to planning for the upcoming school year seems to change every year. Last year, I decided to divide our year into 4 chunks, and that was good. I planned just one quarter at a time, but had a general framework that stayed the same.

But this year, I am going to plan even less upfront.

Because in truth, my kids are a bit older now. I don’t have to act like I know what I am doing every second or risk them flushing Matchbox cars down the toilet while I try to plan.

I can look at them and say, “I’m going to spend this afternoon doing a little homeschool planning,” and they will find things to do until they get hungry.

My Big Picture Planning Page (and how I use my bullet journal for homeschool planning) | Kara S. Anderson, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

So what’s next?

So here’s the best part of bullet journaling, right? Anytime you get an idea, or realize something isn’t working, you can just change it.

This alone has made me fall in love with this system.

So in the next month or so as I finish filling the pages of my current journal AND we start a new school year, I’m making some upgrades.

  • I will continue with a big picture page
  • I’m going to add a books page and with a system for marking which ones I want to read-aloud, which ones to strew, which ones to get on audio, etc.
  • I’m going to add a field trips section
  • I’m going to add a projects section

But here’s the best part – YOU don’t have to wait to do all of those things. You can do it RIGHT NOW. Lucky. 😉

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9 thoughts on “My Big Picture Planning Page (and how I use my bullet journal for homeschool planning)

  1. Sarah M. says:

    Thanks for sharing your planning methods! I’m working on planning, and have the big picture reasonably in place, but now I have to figure out the details! And school starts in 2 weeks–ack!! 🙂

  2. Nadine D says:

    I’ve JUST started a BuJo and am still working out the kinks lol. It’s the first planner system I’ve tried (out of… A lot! Haha) that I seem to actually be using. Just yesterday I thought “Oh my goodness, I need to work in my homeschool plans into this BuJo, maybe we’d get it DONE!” But I wasn’t sure how to fit it into my current BuJo. And then along came your post on Twitter and I was like “the Universe heard me” haha. Can’t wait to check out your site for some more infos! 🙂 Thanks for this.

  3. Lynne says:

    Thanks for the encouragement to use my bullet journal for homeschooling ideas. I have digital lists but they never get revisited. I think in ink I might see it more often and as you mentioned get some of the big picture ideas onto the monthly lists.

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