Blogging, Business, and Homeschooling: Chatting with Alicia Hutchinson {Episode 21}

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Blogging, Business, and Homeschooling: Chatting with Alicia Hutchinson


Blogging, Business, and Homeschooling

Are you a blogger, or working mama? Or, are you just curious how the business of blogging works behind the scenes?

The sisters are joined this week by one of their very favorite bloggers and owner of the Learning Well Community, Alicia Hutchinson!

Listen in as they chat about the myth of “balance,” and how Alicia and the sisters tackle homeschooling, work, parenting and homemaking without losing their minds.

Plus, learn why you shouldn’t blog for money. At least, not at first!

If you’re a working mama or interested in working from home, this episode is a great place to start!



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Blogging, BuBlogging, Business, and Homeschooling: Chatting with Alicia Hutchinson, founder of the Learning Well Community {episode 21} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

3 thoughts on “Blogging, Business, and Homeschooling: Chatting with Alicia Hutchinson {Episode 21}

  1. Tomoko says:

    I loved this episode. Thank you for sharing! I was sort of a career woman before I had our second child. I was preparing for a career change to be able to continue homeschooling and work from home when she was two, then when I was about to get a hang of things, I got pregnant with my third (and last!) child. With a now 9 months old (and with three kids in general) it has been very difficult to continue what I planned for my career/business. I have had to step back and focus on my family which is most important right now, and at the same time do just a little bit for my career so that I won’t completely put my passion on hold. I commit to do one thing a month related to my career in my community, and although I am not making any money, it helps me to be accountable for myself. I am sure I will be glad that I did not quit it all (even though sometimes I want to because raising kids and honeschooling is hard enough…) when the kids are older and we are in a different season.

  2. Carlyn McKee says:

    Omg ~ Cait!
    I had to pause the episode and say THANK YOU for saying you had two days of lovely weather and you have 7 piles of clean laundry to fold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ah~ *I’m not alone!* 🙂
    Heheee 🙂
    We take Sun Days too! and often skip Snow Days.

    (It’s just like what I imagine other folks felt like when they learned other moms struggle to get their young boys into pants! 😀 Ha!)

    Thank you, ladies. I am so grateful you’ve been keeping this podcast and blog going.

    • Caitlin says:

      Oh, Carlyn! <3 I will *always* make you feel better about laundry. If you ever see us posting a fun picture outside, please assume I have AT LEAST 4 unfolded laundry baskets sitting in my family room 🙂

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