Fall Haul 4: Raiders of the Late Start {Episode 97}

The sisters are back for their annual fall haul episode! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure statement for more information.

Fall Haul 4 Raiders of the Late Start {Episode 97} The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

The sisters are officially back with Season 9!

In this episode, they catch up, share what they did with their summer vacations – HINT: there are coupon codes! 😉

And of course, Cait and Kara dish about what resources they are excited about using with their kiddos!

Bring your coffee or tea and jump right back in!

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This episode is sponsored by You Are An Artist Chalk Pastel. Nana says, “There are NO others on air like the Homeschool Sisters! We take their advice and listen intently to the experiences that they have had teaching their very own children, because these girls KNOW homeschooling: yes, the good, bad, and the ugly! Here in the South, it takes us ten minutes to finish a sentence because we speak so slowly, but the Sisters are a rapid-fire of answers for you all! If we could reach out and give them both a big hug, we definitely would…Thank you both, we still call you our honorary Southerners! From our heart to yours, Nana and Tricia.”

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Nana started teaching her five grandchildren around the kitchen table a decade ago. Tricia has been homeschooling since 2000.

Maeghan Macdougall says, “Totally unexpectedly, these lessons have become an anchor. I have something they can all do that is brief but focused, fun but productive. They get a complete, tangible proof of effort. A little breakfast, a little prayer, a little Nana. Priceless.”

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Fall Haul 4 Raiders of the Late Start {Episode 97} The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Fall Haul 4 Raiders of the Late Start {Episode 97} The Homeschool Sisters Podcast


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