Queries and Quandaries: Homeschool Husbands and Tea Habits {Episode 25}

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Queries and Quandaries: Homeschool Husbands and Tea Habits {S3E2} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Queries and Quandaries: homeschool Husbands and Tea Habits {S3E2}

In this episode, Cait and Kara take your questions. It’s mostly a homeschool husband themed episode- will homeschooling destroy your marriage? and how much money does this homeschooling business cost anyway? – but there’s also a bit of tea discussion at the end.

So join your sisters as they talk it out and give you their recommendations on everything from favorite tea blends to why date night isn’t always the answer.

And that’s not all- the sisters are partnering with Audible! Go to audibletrial.com/sisters for a free audiobook. (And please come back and let us know which one you picked!)

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Queries and Quandaries: Homeschool Husbands and Tea Habits {S3E2} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

7 thoughts on “Queries and Quandaries: Homeschool Husbands and Tea Habits {Episode 25}

  1. Lee says:

    I love your podcast — your voices bring me joy every time I get to listen!
    Today I went to Trader Joe’s to try your recommended teas. Of course, TJ’s didn’t have either one. So I went next door to the grocery store and got Tension Tamer & Vanilla Sleepytime! Trying the Tension Tamer as I type, and looking forward to the Sleepytime before bed. We’re about to move cross-country, so both teas are perfect for me right now.
    My favorite teas are by Tazo: Wild Sweet Orange and Passion!
    Happy to be homeschooling along side you both,

  2. Elyse says:

    Okay, I gotta know: what, exactly is black market Trader Joes tea? Loving the podcast so far; I just found you guys and already have a ton of new ideas for our school Thank you!

  3. Heather says:

    After hearing your Trumpet of the Swan recommendations multiple times over, I finally borrowed it from our local library. I’m looking forward to listening to it in the car.
    My favorite tea is Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger, but I’m excited to try new ones. Cinnamon is kinda my jam.
    Finally, and most importantly, thank you for this podcast. My friend Allison and I are HUGE fans of Cait and Kara. You keep us laughing at the joy/craziness that is this lifestyle. We’ve been friends since our sons were infants 7 years ago and now we’re Homeschool Sisters, too. <3 Allison and I decided to console our not-at-Wild-+-Free-Franklin souls by having lunch and dessert together on Sunday. I was asking her whether she had any suggestions for podcast episodes about investing in your marriage. While this episode didn't hit exactly on what I wanted, it did show me some ways I can better include my husband. He travels regularly and I do feel like he gets the "outsider" vibe from the 3 of us who have been at home doing our school gig. I will work on that using some of the suggestions in this episode.
    Thanks for walking alongside me in this journey!

  4. Brigid says:

    I stumbled upon your podcast recently, and I love it. Its been such a comfort during this crazier than usual week. My favorite tea is Barry’s. A suggestion about including Dad in the homeschooling process – My husband and I plan the school week together. We both know the kids and I won’t get to everything, but it helps him know what we’re working on, current challenges, etc. We try to sit down every Sunday and sketch out the plan for the upcoming week. It only takes ten minutes, and it’s been very helpful. Thanks again for the podcast!

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