Homeschooling with a New Baby {Episode 99}

The sisters are back to chat about homeschooling with a new baby! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure statement for more information.

Homeschooling with a New Baby, With Anne Guarnera {Episode 99} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

The sisters are joined by Anne Guarnera of Language Learning at Home to talk about the reality of adding a baby to the homeschool mix.

Anne is the mama of 3 boys and bravely shares what the past year has been like, homeschooling her 6- and 3-year-olds and also being the primary caregiver for her mom, while welcoming a new son.

Even if you don’t have a brand new baby at home, Anne, Cait, and Kara talk about the myth of balance setting reasonable expectations, social media’s impact on us as mothers, and more.

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Homeschooling with a New Baby, With Anne Guarnera {Episode 99} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

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