Looking Back: What We’ve Learned {Episode 26}

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Looking Back: What We've Learned {S3E3} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Looking Back: What we’ve learned {S3E3}

The sisters are hopping in their homeschool time machine today and looking back on what they’ve learned.

Listen in as Cait and Kara talk about how they got started homeschooling, what they would have done less of and what they would have done more of, and hear how they’re applying what they’ve learned to their homeschool now.

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I have *always* wanted to see an owl on a hike. • We have heard them. We have called to them. They have called back. • But until this afternoon, we haven’t SEEN one. • Sometimes I grumble about how my youngest takes *forever* to complete tasks. • We joke about how he’s so laid back he’s on island time. • But we all know that it is important to take time to smell the roses. To live in the moment and enjoy the little things. • I am not at all surprised that my youngest noticed the owl. Of course he would. It was magical. We had a magical moment with the owl and we would still be there except I have these two other kids who needed to be picked up ? • You can see more in our IG story. (I’m still pinching myself that this ?moment happened!!) • Want to see inside our nature backpacks? Follow the link in my profile! • http://my-little-poppies.com/diy-nature-explorer-pack/

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Looking Back: What We've Learned {S3E3} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast


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5 thoughts on “Looking Back: What We’ve Learned {Episode 26}

  1. Kelly says:

    In case anyone asks -if it’s 4 am and there are weird sounds coming from downstairs, which turn out to be nothing except your active imagination, this podcast will not put you back to sleep, but it will make you laugh and calm down your monkey mind. I so look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories. This episode made me reflect on our early years. How much I too have settled down and stopped trying to prove to “the woman in the grocery store” that my kids are learning. Reading, play, being outside. It’s a great recipe. The other ingredients get added. No need to over complicate the dish. Thank you, Cait and Kara!

  2. Aubrey says:

    I’m so happy to have found you both! I’m starting my homeschooling journey with my two preschool aged kids, and have felt a bit overwhelmed with getting started. I kept smiling to myself as I heard stories of the insecurities and challenges that we must all go through. Whew…..big relief! This episode was a great reminder that I truly DO NOT have to have it all figured out, and that being present for my children is indeed the best gift I can give them now. I appriciate the rawness and authenticity that you both bring to this podcast. In a world of perfect instagram feeds, I was feeling like a failure, and now I feel like my empowered momma bear self. Bless!

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