Methods, Philosophies (And Why You Don’t Need Them) {Episode 67}

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Methods, Philosophies (and Why You Don't Need Them) {Episode 67} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Methods, Philosophies (and why you don’t need them) {Episode 67}

Today the sisters are chatting about methods and philosophies and why you don’t necessarily need to choose one in order to homeschool.

Cait + Kara share their own experiences, and about learning this lesson the hard way – one of them even got booted from a group! (Wait until you hear the reason).

The sisters also talk about finding support if you don’t choose a strict method to follow.

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Methods, Philosophies (and Why You Don't Need Them) {Episode 67} | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast


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3 thoughts on “Methods, Philosophies (And Why You Don’t Need Them) {Episode 67}

  1. Mykel Mizell says:

    I’ve just recently found you two amazing sisters! I’be been homeschooling for about 3 years and have read and listened to podcast that all tell you to lean on way or another. Each year I try to change all that. While we are mostly traditional in our methods we do incorporate other things. The is the ONLY podcast that’s ever made me feel like, “hey it’s ok, You do you”! I love it!! You ladies make me feel like a huge weight has been lifted. And I LOVE that y’all are 100% real and transparent! I wish I would have found y’all when I started!! Thank you so much!!

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