Keep it Classy: The Sisters’ Guide to Dealing with Homeschool Doubters {Episode 12}

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Homeschool Doubters keep-it-classy-the-sisters-guide-to-dealing-with-homeschool-doubters-the-homeschool-sisters

Keep it Classy: The Sisters’ Guide to dealing with homeschool doubters {S1E12}

It’s never easy when someone questions you about something as close to your heart as homeschooling. So in this episode, the sisters address how to handle homeschool doubters. What can you say when you first make the decision to homeschool? Is it worth it to argue? Will arguments even work? And what about the upcoming holidays- exactly what do you say when between bites of green bean casserole, your uncle leans across the table and tells you that you are ruining your kids’ lives? (It happens, sisters- and here’s what you can do.)

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