Worry is Like a Car Alarm: Homeschooling Worriers {Episode 4}

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Worry is Like a Car Alarm: Homeschooling Worriers | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

Worry is Like a Car Alarm: Homeschooling Worriers {S1E4}

Let’s face it: Who can focus on math with a mind full of worries? In this episode, Cait and Kara discuss what it is like to homeschool little worriers.

Are you parenting a World-Class Worrier? Do you have a child who asks BIG questions in the middle of the night? Are you homeschooling a child who struggles with fears? Please know that you are not alone. Your sisters are in the trenches with you and in this episode, they share tips, tricks, and resources to try with your little worriers.

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Worry is Like a Car Alarm: Homeschooling Worriers | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

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4 thoughts on “Worry is Like a Car Alarm: Homeschooling Worriers {Episode 4}

  1. Birthe says:

    Dear Kara and Cait,
    I can’t even express how grateful I am about this episode. Your recommendations and experiences make me feel less helpless with our worry monsters. I will listen to this again and again. Thank you Homeschool Sisters!

    • My Little Poppies says:



      Kara and I are so thankful that you opened up and asked this extremely important question. We hope the episode helps a little, and please know you are never alone even though sometimes the path feels lonesome. It's just something so many choose not to talk about.

      Cait (& Kara)

  2. Kim Acord says:

    This podcast was great! The 1st I listened to I have now binge listened to all the episodes. Thank you for all the wonderful tips.

  3. Amy Van Guilder-Dik says:

    This was so helpful to me in dealing with my anxious 10-yr-old son. Thank you for all the resources and the tips!

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