You don’t have to do it all: Getting started with homeschooling {Episode 5}

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You don't have to do it all Getting started with homeschooling | The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

You don’t have to do it all: Getting started with homeschooling {S1E5}

In episode 5, Cait and Kara reflect on the early years of homeschooling. They share tips and tricks for those just starting down this path, and impart their favorite piece of advice- that you DO NOT have to do it all, especially your first year. Listen as they chat about deschooling, finding your tribe, and how your house will never be the same, but in a really awesome way. Do not worry if this is your first year. Your sisters have got you covered!

Afer you have finished listening to this episode, we’d love it if you could leave a comment sharing what advice you’d give to a new homeschooler. What tips and tricks do you have? What lessons have you learned? What do you wish someone had told you when you first started on this journey?

In honor of this fifth episode, Cait and Kara have started something new. At the end of each episode, the sisters will be sharing something that has been making them happy lately. When you are finished listening, we’d love to hear from you: What is something that is bringing you joy right now?

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3 thoughts on “You don’t have to do it all: Getting started with homeschooling {Episode 5}

  1. kalicarollo says:

    Loved this episode so much! One thing I would add to the part about parents who worry they are not the professional and so can’t serve their child with special needs as well as the professional can, is this: a professional has a set of skills/tools/knowledge that are only of use once they get to know the child and what the child needs. So while a parent comes to the table with maybe less professional training, what they do have is a keen sense of who they’re child is and what they need. So both parties (the parent or the professional) come to the child with only part of what they need to help him or her and the other part can be added. I don’t have a child with special needs, but I did work at a preschool for children with special needs and I observed that the best OTs or PTs or SLPs were the ones that cared about a child and got to know them as an individual. Just wanted to encourage parents who doubt their abilities to know that they have a huge benefit as their child’s educator soley by being the person in the world who loves and cares for that child most.

  2. Dorella Schaefer says:

    As a homeschool mom and grandmother the best advice of a second generation homeschooler relax have fun. Your child will learn what is important to you. If you want them stressed be stressed if you want language skills focus on that They will follow your lead just be real with them

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